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What is Social Media used for?

By Vision MarComm · March 26, 2020


 Misconception about Social Media

Social Media (SM) has been a part of everyone’s everyday life. This communication tool has started with computers years back and it has always been a misconception that most social media users only access tools via apps. Any form of digitally sharing photos, videos, comments, events, etc in real-time has changed the way we live as well as the way we do business. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter are some and currently the most popular way for everyone to interact with each other. Hence, other users do not consider SMS, emails, blogs and vlogs as a form of Social Media due to various changes in the platforms.

What does Social Media mean?

Instead of elaborating on the definition that can lead to a complication, let’s break it down into two words.

Social – is a medium of interactions among people in a way of creating, sharing, and/or exchanging information and ideas through virtual communities and networks.

Media – is a means of communication channels through which we share information such as news, music, messages and other data digitally.

So, if we will put these two words together as one term, it can give us a root definition as:

Social Media – are digital communication tools we use as a medium of interaction to share and receive information with everyone.

What can Social Media be used for?

People use SM in their daily inter-activities. Be it to share news, expand networks, hunt jobs, influence, build businesses, extend information or even just share a greeting. Through different platforms mentioned above, SM is now critical in people’s lives in building their careers and businesses. It also gives everyone the freedom of using it in different ways such as having a personal account or a profile page.

Social Media, in conclusion, is a web-based communication technology everyone use day-to-day to interact with others through various set of platforms. It allows people to exchange information using digital networks such as SMS, emails, news, etc. With all that is mentioned, one should not disregard that SM can bring anyone both up and down. Knowing how to properly implement the platforms is crucial for everyone to know to avoid mistreatment among others.

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