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Do you want to become a model or an influencer?

Here’s your chance now!

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Model Casting

What are we going to help you with?

We will acquire projects for Photoshoots and Videoshoots, which will add value to your portfolio.

Our team of professionals will guide and assist you in creating content for your Digital Channels like YouTube, IG, Tiktok and so on.

We will get you projects where you would get the priveleges as an Influencer.

We will then create, manage and improvise your portfolio and content. We will be you complete back end team, that too for, completely FREE.

How are we going to assist you?

Content Creation

We will assist in Script creation, Content Creation, Post editing for Pictures and Videos, and a lot more. Our complete technical team will provide a hands-on assistance for your growth.

Community Management

Our backend community management team will provide you with detailed analysis of trending content topics, formulate most reliable solution for Community Management and interaction.

Acquiring New Projects

Our Account Managers and Sales force will acquire brand new projects in terms of Influencer marketing, Fashion Shoots, Ad shoot projects. Our team will ensure gradual and steady growth for yourself, as a brand.

Brand Collaborations

We will create the path for you to become brand ambassador for multiple brands and create opportunity for collaborations with multiple brands which have strong local as well as international presence.